Northern Kentucky Soccer Officials Association
News Last Updated On December 11, 2021

The Northern Kentucky Soccer Officials Association (NKSOA) provides officiating crews to the High Schools for the
counties of Campbell, Kenton, and Boone. The NKSOA is the 9th Region of the KHSAA.
2022 President: Eric Morwessel  –  2022 Assignor: Perry Wing

Message(s) from the NKSOA President

NKSOA Board Meeting
A board meeting is scheduled for:
If you have anything you would like the board to discuss, please contact Eric at

A pay increase has been approved by the policy board.  Increases of $3-$4; 
A JV/Varsity Double Header now pays $100; used to be $94.

Soccer OfficialsProposed and Accepted New Pay
Varsity Center-3man$65
Varsity AR-3man$55
Varsity-2 person$80
JV Center-3man$45
JV AR-3man$35
JV-2 person$50
Fresh Center-3man$45
Fresh AR-3man$35
Fresh-2 person$50

CLICK HERE to display Clinic Informaton

Message(s) from the NKSOA Assignor

Fellow Officials

This is a mass email to all ACTIVE officials according my MY RECORDS.  As of 08/20, the KHSAA Board of Control voted to move forward with fall sports.  This however goes in conjuction with getting final plans approved by the Kentucky Department of Education as well as the Governor of which we have heard that they will move forward with the plans that the KHSAA has submitted.  This then falls on the local school districts to determine their path moving foward, so there are still a few hurdles to cross over but the outlook is a little more promising.  Therefore, if you have not registered with the KHSAA, please get that done quickly.  If you  have not registered and paid your NKSOA dues, I would also encourage that you get that taken care of as well.  

We have received the following information from Butch Cope 
Please note that the NFHS Part 2 Exams for licensed officials in the sports of Football, Field Hockey, Soccer, and Volleyball are now available online. The Part 2 exams, required for postseason eligibility consideration, will be open until Tuesday, Sept. 8 at 11:59 p.m. (ET).  

The tests will automatically close on Sept. 8 at 11:59 p.m. (ET). Login at to take the test. A minimum score of 80 on the exam is required to be considered for assignment to officiate postseason play.  The exam is also used for advancements in levels of classification.

We have recieved the following informaton from Chad Collins
The mandatory Online Rules Clinic for the sport of Soccer is now available. The clinic is required of all officials as well as all coaches for all levels including varsity, junior varsity, and freshman levels, and whether or not the coach receives pay.

For member schools, the clinics are located on the School Log-in Page. To access the clinic, go to and – under the section entitled Rules Clinics – clink on the link that says “View Online Rules Clinics”.

For officials, login to the officials’ subdomain at


All of you should have received these emails directly from both of them so please “Take Care of your Business” and get these completed as well.  I know some are doubtful that we actually will have a season and that paying KHSAA or NKSOA dues does not seem appropriate at this time however let me encourage you to move forward with both of those functions so that there are no issues when/if the season does begin, we simply want to be ready.

We hope all of you are staying healthy with your family and friends and we look forward to seeing you on the field soon.  If there is anything you need, please do not hesitate reaching out to me to discuss.

Yours in Athletics

Perry Wing, Assigner

Fellow Officials

Well, the long awaited season has officially began.  Therefore, let’s review a few things:

First. make sure you try your best to get to game sites at least 30 minutes before every game.  You will need to bring a copy of the W9 as well as the 
COVID form that are both listed on the NKSOA web site.  The W9 will be needed the first time you go to a site and then not needed on future games.
The COVID form as well as getting your temp taken will be every site this season.

Second, The center official of the varsity game or the highest level being played at that site should contact his partners and verify that they will be there for the game.
in addition, for those that may go to Grant, Williamstown sites, feel free to meet at Sports of All Sorts off Mt. Zion road and then car pool to these sites if you want
to save gas.  The center official of the varsity game will be reimbursed for gas so please keep that in mind.

Third, Game Reports – If you issue a yellow card to any player or coach, you must fill out the yellow card report on the NKSOA web site and send to me.  We use this to track problematic players and coaches as well as feed Information to the A.D’s and KHSAA.  You have to notify me as well via phone as you drive home after the game.
If you issue a RED card, you are to contact me immediately after leaving the field and giving me details.  This will give me information to cover your backs when the coach contacts me letting me
know their side of the story.  You will also have to file a ejection report on both the NKSOA and KHSAA web sites.  This must be done the next day after a RED Card is issued.

Fourth, Incident Reports – If you have issues with a field, spectator, or if a player is injuried in a game that requires a life squad to be called or a player to not return to a game.  Please fill out the incident report on the NKSOA web site.  This protects you and your crew.

Fifth, Be aware of your surroundings – remember to not discuss teams, players or coaches at a field without being aware of who may also hear you talking.  The cell phones/cameras never lie so if someone picks up you discussing something that may not be deemed game important, this would reflect negatively on you and your crew and could result in other issues.

Sixth, we have noticed that some officials have not put a photo on arbiter under your profile.  This is very important for a couple of reasons, A) it allows coaches to get to know you for game evaluations or just aquaintances. B) it allows me as your assigner to get to know you when we come to evaluate you during a game and it allows your crew to put a face with a name as well.

Seventh, Be professional before, during and after each contest.  Do not go to coaches and chat it up with them, they may seem like your best friends however let me assure you that if you screw something up, they will be calling me as well as doing a game evaulation on you that is not going to be a positive item in your file.   If you get stuck talking to one coach, make sure you go to the other coach and spend a some time with him as well if necessary however try NOT to get into those situations.

Good Luck this season, stay healthy, Take Care of your Business in arbiter with your calendar , stay in contact with me if you need something as I have a very much open door policy to you.
Do not forget that your KHSAA dues should have been taken care of, your NKSOA dues should have been taken care of, Listening to the online rules clinic should have been or going to be taken care of by 09/15 and for those wanting to work post season, take the part 2 test and actually we encourage ALL officials to take the part 2 test whether you want to work post season or not, it will give you knowledge about the game and rule book.

I look forward to seeing you soon on the pitch

Yours in Athletics

Perry Wing, Assigner

This is just a reminder that there are still games on aribter that need your attention on accepting.  Please get this done quickly so that we can wrap up the 
regular season strong.  The 9th Region just scheduled a tournament for freshmen girls on Thursday of last week so if you have been assigned to those
please get those accepted as well.  

The district soccer tournament will start on 10/12 and run through out the week, please make sure that your calendar is up to date.  
The regional soccer tournament will start on 10/19 and run through out that week as well.

I want to continue to say Thank You to all of you for stepping up and working this season, you are the only ones that gave these players and coaches a 
chance to try to get a little closer to normal.

If you have any questions on whether your eligible for post season, please contact a board member.  

Finish Strong and Healthy



When officiating at Campbell County High School, to enter the complex at the driveway near the grass soccer field.  Officials should continue to drive between the grass soccer field and the baseball field.  They should park in the lined spots closest to the stadium behind the baseball outfield fence.  This will keep them from parking in the spectator lot…

Wanting to become a High School Referee. This link will give some initial info and a form to submit that will be sent to the NKSOA Assignor.

Contact any member of the NKSOA Board

Pay your dues online using Paypal. Credit cards can be used. You do NOT require a Paypal account to make payment.

The schedule for the current High School season.

If you had something happen that needs to be reported to the KHSAA

Submit your Yellow card to the NKSOA – Varsity Games ONLY

Submit your Red Card info to both the NKSOA and the KHSAA


Referee Links & Forms