Northern Kentucky Soccer Officials Association
News Last Updated On November 12, 2022

The Northern Kentucky Soccer Officials Association (NKSOA) provides officiating crews to the High Schools for the
counties of Campbell, Kenton, and Boone. The NKSOA is the 9th Region of the KHSAA.
2022 President: Eric Morwessel  –  2022 Assignor: Perry Wing

Message(s) from the NKSOA President

VARSITY – 2 person – $160.00 = $80.00 for each official
VARSITY – 3 person – $195.00 = $65.00 Referee, $65.00 ea. AR
VARSITY – 4 person – $215.00 = $65.00 Referee, $65.00 ea. AR $30.00 4th Official
JV – 3 person – $115.00 = $45.00 Referee, $35.00 each AR
JV – 2 person – $100.00 = $50.000 each person
Freshman – 3 person – $115.00 = $45.00 Referee, $35.00 each AR
Freshman – 2 person – $100.00 = $50.00 each person

Message(s) from the NKSOA Assignor

(1)     Rules Clinic for Soccer officials is open from Aug 3rd thru Aug 25th, and

(2)    The Part II Exam for Soccer officials is open from  Aug 8th thru Sept 26th

When officiating at Campbell County High School, to enter the complex at the driveway near the grass soccer field.  Officials should continue to drive between the grass soccer field and the baseball field.  They should park in the lined spots closest to the stadium behind the baseball outfield fence.  This will keep them from parking in the spectator lot…

Wanting to become a High School Referee. This link will give some initial info and a form to submit that will be sent to the NKSOA Assignor.

Contact any member of the NKSOA Board

Pay your dues online using Paypal. Credit cards can be used. You do NOT require a Paypal account to make payment.

The schedule for the current High School season.

If you had something happen that needs to be reported to the KHSAA

Submit your Yellow card to the NKSOA – Varsity Games ONLY

Submit your Red Card info to both the NKSOA and the KHSAA


Referee Links & Forms