Each official will be given an updated listing showing all NKSOA officials with pertinent information; i. e. home phone, work phone, cell phone, email. This will be used to coordinate travel arrangements, uniforms, etc. It will be updated prior to each season.

Duration of high school matches
Freshman and JV – Two (2) 30-minute halves with 10 minute interval between halves.

Varsity Matches – Two (2) 40-minute halves with 10-minute interval between halves.

$25.00 New Member
$56.00 Current/Returning Members
Payable to NKSOA Inc. c/o Alex Fusting, XX Rd., XX, KY 410xx (address will be added once confirmed)

VARSITY MATCH – 3 person – $165.00 = $61.00 Referee, $52.00 each AR
2 person – $110.00 = 55.00 each person
JV and Freshman – 3 person – $100.00 = $42.00 Referee, $33.00 each AR
2 person – $88.00 = $44.00 each person

Travel Fees

No separate travel fees are granted for schools within Kenton, Boone or Campbell counties. Mileage fees are as follows:
$30.00 – Owen County, Carroll County, Gallatin County, Williamstown, and Maysville St. Patrick
$20.00 – Pendleton County and Grant County

RECOMMENDATION: This fee is paid to ONE official per session only. This is applied to Center official in Varsity match or first official listed if it is a 2-person system. Please try to carpool and drive one car to schools. Schools will pay only one official.

Suggestion: Have several blank pay vouchers with you as you go to sites. These can be downloaded from the NKSOA website – Click on HS referee, then on NKSOA forms, then on pay forms.

Official’s Uniforms

Gold is the state preferred uniform. These are required for state semi-final and final matches. Red and black with white pinstripe are acceptable alternatives. Some officials also have purchased the blue one.

Field Conditions

Please notify the assigning secretary with any situations at sites that need to be addressed; i.e. improperly marked fields, dangerous field condi
tions, goal posts not properly secured, problem with location of, or seriously unruly, spectators.

If there is a serious situation (injury or serious problem with spectators) please fill out a game report, which will be available on the NKSOA web site, and send to the assigning secretary after phoning with the pertinent information.

Reporting of Red Cards

Report Red Cards to the NKSOA, CLICK HERE after submitting to the NKSOA, you will be automatically directed to the KHSAA
Be sure to inform both coaches, immediately after issuing, the reason for the red card.  The referee is to contact the assignor via phone and/or text immediately following the match.

Reporting of Yellow Cards

Yellow cards have to be reported. Submit them HERE

Perry Wing
Assigning Secretary
93 N. Main Street
Walton, KY 41094
Tele: (859) 760-7466