Kenton County Covid 19 Form

To All Active Officials

Please download and print the attached COVID form for all Kenton County high school soccer games. They will also be checking temperatures as well so be sure to arrive as early as your can so that your not held up at the entrance gate.  I would also suggest keeping extra copies for all schools because I would expect them to also have a system in place.

W9’s – Please go online and download and print a blank W9 form and fill it out and make copies.  Schools will require this when you show up the first time at each site.

Spectator seating this season.  The NKY Athletic Directors as well of those outside the 9th Region have been notified regarding players benches and seating.  For this season, teams will sit on both sides of the field.  With that, spectators are also allowed to sit on both sides of the field if necessary to maintain social distancing.  For those schools without a stadium such as Villa and Williamstown, spectators will be permitted to sit on around the field including the endlines as long as proper distance is maintained.  We must remain aware of there being no distractions to the keeper during active play or in cases of PK’s, to either the kicker or keeper.

We as an association will be relaxed on this due to COVID however never should we allow anyone to distract or display unsportsmanship.  In such cases, stop the game, get game management and let them take care of it.

Any questions, let me know.
Perry Wing, Assigner

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